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Salt Therapy Treatment for Asthma


Asthma is a severe respiratory (breathing) disease in which the respiration system functions as normal, but the tiny air carrying pathways (tubes) get more sensitive. Whenever there is any sort of irritation in the lungs, these tubes become narrow and thus resulting in the tightening of muscles, and the production of yellowish mucus, which causes breathing problems. Millions have suffered from the disease during the last decade. Currently, it is estimated that nearly 20 million adults and almost 7 million young ones are sufferings from it.

Salt therapy, which is also known as Halotherapy, has proved enormously helpful in curing asthma patients, and interestingly it prevents further occurrence of asthma. The therapy heals many other diseases and disorders. It is absolutely away to get natural health without additional drugs to fight diseases like asthma.

The therapy involves a very special device called Halogenerator, which disperses microscopic ionized salt particles into the atmosphere of the room, these are usually negatively charged. These salt particles contain traces of minerals and elements, and they are mainly responsible for curing and healing of swollen air tubes. It is the most utilized natural healing treatment. It significantly helps in the following:

→ Eliminating disease-causing pathogens (airborne diseases).

→ Reduction of soreness, and swelling of air tubes.

→ Loosens mucus in airways.

→ Immediately relief.

→ Curing anxiety and depression.

→ Significantly reduces levels of IgE.

Apart from this, these particles also land on your skin, ensuring the cleansing of the oil particles and residue on your skin. During the last two centuries, salt therapy has been proven as a natural cure for numerous disorders all over the world. Health research facilities have now agreed on the opinion that salt therapy is most effective and efficient for a breathing treatment.

Halotherapy is a substitute treatment for frequent and most common health conditions like anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, allergies, colds, and fever. Health experts have been reiterating and recommending people to take salt therapy sessions for holistic health and to maximize the healing process, and get long term outcomes.

For this reason, most of our clients opted for more than ten sessions and they were enormously satisfied and happy with our services. Usually, after three sessions, the symptoms start to vanish, but we highly recommend taking at least 30 sessions to more effective and efficient result thus eradicating the disease from roots.

After having salt therapy, the clients feel like they have new life because they have holistic healing for all and sundry. The therapy acts as a stress reliever that not only gives more energy, but it is also a natural cure for multiple medical issues. The healing procedure also includes stress relief.

Saltscapes & Spa also offers salt therapy treatment for various respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis along with skin disorder like eczema. Our company also offers the finest salt therapy which helps to sleep better, relief stress, and enhances sleep aid. It provides you with more energy to keep achieving more milestones. It also helps to overcome sleeping disorders. It lets you get a sense of calmness, and tranquil.


Salt therapy helps in alleviating skin, breathing, and troubled lifestyle symptoms such as asthma, eczema, stress, anxiety, mental fatigue. Salt therapy has been used to eradicate skin toxins, relaxing muscles, and enhancing colorful health. Saltscapes & Spa is the finest treatment company to give you world-class therapy services.

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