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Salt Therapy Treatment for Psoriasis


Psoriasis is a condition in which the skin becomes flaky, red, and gets crusty patches. These patches are more visible on the elbow, knees, hairline, lower back, trunk, palm, face, and scalp. But it can be anywhere on your body like the legs, and soles of the feet. This type of condition affects your natural health. Psoriasis is considered to be a problem related to the immune system. It can start at any age but the majority of patients are under 35 years. These patches can be small but itchy and affect men and women equally. In some cases, it is just minor irritation, but psoriasis is a chronic disease that lasts long, affects your holistic health and quality of life on a high level. The patients suffering from psoriasis shows the following symptoms:

→ Red patches on the skin

→ Tiny scaling spots

→ Cracked skin (it can bleed)

→ Itching, or Burning

→ Joints get swollen and stiff

→ Pitted nails

There are many types of psoriasis-like plaque psoriasis, nail psoriasis, Pustular psoriasis, and inverse psoriasis, etc. People who had psoriasis symptoms, but were thought to be free of symptoms after years, can get triggered by some factors. Those factors include infection, allergies, weather conditions, stress, bug bites, sunburn, smoking, alcohol consumption, and certain medications. There are so many risk factors that can be a cause of psoriasis-like having a parent or both with psoriasis, stress that directly impacts your immune system, and smoking that can not only be the cause of psoriasis but also many other diseases that can disturb your holistic health so severely. 

Halotherapy widely known as salt therapy is the natural healing solution for patients suffering from this type of condition and allergies. Salt is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. These properties offer relief for irritation and flaky skin. Salt therapy is a safe holistic treatment that even children can benefit from sessions. Salt therapy is a much-needed relief and natural healing way that prevents the frequent reappearance of symptoms. Salt kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. Halotherapy is also a breathing treatment for patients with smoking damage. Moreover, it is a stress reliever if you are having sleep problems, stressed, or feel anxious. Salt therapy will give stress relief; more energy and you will sleep better at night.

Salt therapy is considered worldwide as the most natural cure for so many disorders, allergies, and problems. People who had psoriasis said that salt therapy is a safe holistic solution.  The salt present in the air settles on your skin and gives instant relief. After taking a few sessions of halotherapy, the reports get better.


Many patients who were our clients showed a very positive response after taking salt therapy at Saltscapes & Spa. Salt therapy is one of the natural cures you need to treat yourself.  Some of our clients who were having symptoms of psoriasis witnessed that their skin got better they noticed the changes in their appearance. This therapy soothes the intense burning and painful itching on the skin. They felt more confident, calm, and fresher after taking halotherapy. Everyone wants to stay calm and to the best of their holistic health. We at Saltcapes & Spa want you to be healthy. After taking regular sessions of therapy, you will feel the positive changes in your health. Take our salt therapy services for getting relief from your problems and to be more self-assured of your holistic health.

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