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Salt Therapy Treatment for Smoking Damage (Lungs)

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Everyone heard that smoking is injurious to natural health. But without knowing the effects of smoking and the harm it causes, no one is going to stop smoking. Most teenagers and adults started smoking due to stress, the pressure of work, or by home, or bad company. These days smoking became a trend for the new generation and they are not aware of the effects and damage smoking causes. Smoking is inhaling and exhaling the fumes of burning plant material and substance. The plants majorly used in smoking are tobacco, marijuana, and hashish. Smoking affects your holistic health in such a way that you become addicted to smoking but you can quit if you decide to.

Smoking damages your lungs and causes lung diseases like COPD which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Basically, it damages the airways and alveoli (small air sacs) in the lungs. Not just this but it also causes different types of cancers such as lung cancer, blood cancer, etc. Smoking increases the chance of worse attacks for the patient with asthma. There are more chances of the smoker having lung cancer than non-smokers. Smoking can cause cancer in any part of your body including the pancreas, stomach, bladder, and kidneys. In women, smoking increases the risks of early birth of the baby and the death of a child baby before birth. In men, smoking can reduce fertility and causes birth defects and miscarriage. The most affected part of your body due to smoking is your lungs. Smoking causes diseases like emphysema in which the alveoli or air sacs are damaged gradually. It makes it difficult to breathe.  

Halotherapy is a natural holistic cure and has improved the health of patients suffering from allergies, disorders, and diseases. Moreover, it is a stress reliever, a sleep aid, and it reduces anxiety. In the case of damage to the lungs caused by smoking, halotherapy is the natural holistic solution. Salt has the following properties:

→ It is highly anti-bacterial

→ It is anti-inflammatory

→ It diminishes excessive mucus.

→ It removes pathogens

→ It reduces the level of immune system sensitivity

Halotherapy is a natural healing way. The salt through air enters the damaged air passages. It helps the person with damage caused by smoking, to breathe easily. If the person is not in a severe condition like emphysema, then he should quit smoking. It's hard for people to quit smoking as it is addictive. Moreover, people also smoke for relaxing their minds or dealing with stress. Salt therapy not only helps to breathe easier and better. But as well, relaxes the person mentally and gives stress relief. That’s why it is the best way to get back to your holistic health by natural healing.


The person with damage caused by smoking can take salt therapy sessions. It is a natural holistic breathing treatment. Similarly, it will help them to quit smoking if they are willing to. After attending a few therapy sessions at Saltscapes & Spa, many of our clients appreciated this natural holistic solution for not only allergies and diseases but also for the people suffering from insomnia. Our clients reported that their breathing became calmer. Your health and life are in your hands, do not take it for granted. Take our salt therapy, and feel better.

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