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 spa & Serenity

At Saltscapes Spa & Float you will experience a state of serenity and peacefulness, while listening to the tranquil sound of music at 432hz frequency. This Solfeggio frequency has been proven to be a healing frequency since it lowers the heart rate, reduces anxiety, and blood pressure. It also increases the mental clarity of a person, heightens perception, and unlocks intuition.

himalayan salt hand & foot detox

Pamper your feet and soothe your toes. The Himalayan Salt Hand & Foot Dome-Shaped Detox was designed to revitalize the skin directly. A light bulb is placed under the Authentic Himalayan salt dome lamp. This lamp helps in restoring the body and naturally draws away harmful toxins from your sore achy feet, relieving arthritis pain including your hands. 

himalayan salt cave

 You will experience a state of the art hand-made salt cave; everything from the ceiling, wall and floor is made out of Authentic Himalayan salt from the mines of Pakistan. You will experience serenity and peacefulness while listening to tranquil sound of music. Offering salt therapy to your spa experience is an added bonus as you relax and breathe in the salty air. The air in the caves is infused with micro-salt particles, when inhaled it is known to be a effective therapeutic and natural way to improve respiratory health.  

infrared sauna

Saunas offer an amazing experience.  Relax your mind and your body. Detox, strengthen your heart, ease sore muscle pain, renew your skin, improve your sleep, reduce any joint pain, increase metabolism, and let us contribute to your overall health and wellbeing by giving you time for yourself. Plus our sauna has an added twist, designed to make you feel so good!

salt bed

We warmly embrace your visit to our Salt Bed where you can experience salt therapy in as little as 40 minutes.  Leave your worries behind and look forward to time well spent in rejuvenating your soul. Relax, Relate and Relieve some of the stresses of the day by squeezing out time to schedule your session(s) today!  

float room

You’ve experienced zero gravity chairs, now experience your own personal zero gravity Float Tank.  Raise the bar on your health and wellness by indulging yourself in one of the most relaxing atmospheres.  Float Tank or Sensory Deprivation Tank are heated to skin temperatures and saturated with magnesium sulfate or (Epsom salt) for buoyancy.  Completely cut off from sound and light a person can float; truly let yourself go…mind, body and spirit.   Saltscapes & Spa zero gravity environment  in the float room will surely relieve you of any anxiety, stress or tension.  Your personal 1 hour get away session is waiting. 

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