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Salt Therapy Treatment for Hay Fever and Allergies


The irritation and inflammation of the nose and eyes altogether are known as hay fever in layman language, medically termed as allergic rhinitis, or sometimes as a respiratory allergy. Hay fever usually occurs whenever particles (either pollens or dust) enter the body through the eyes or nose. The body instantaneously reacts and the reaction appears in the form of watery eyes and a running nose.

The immune system in this disease reacts sensitively to substances entering the body which seems harmless to people in general. Different allergies such as food, skin, digestive, and respiratory are more common among young people. Despite the drug medication, there are many natural cures but salt therapy is the alternative treatment promoting natural health, it relieves allergy symptoms such as hay fever, and eczema. It is pure natural healing.

Salt therapy is a rapid stress reliever, that brings rapid relief from such respiratory and skin allergies. The therapy has numerous advantages, following are a few:

→ Reduces allergies to a great extent

→ Quick relief from irritation.

→ Swiftly lessening of symptoms of allergies.

→ Greatly reduces the hypersensitivity of the immune system.

The process of salt therapy includes the inhaling, and exhaling of micro salt particles, that contain traces of minerals essentially required for better functioning of the immune system. The salt helps greatly in reducing any inflammation in the body along with eradicating irritation-causing agents. After medical trials, the therapy was tested, and proven as a substitute cure instead of drugs to hay fever. The patients need to visit the salt room, where the Halogenerator disperses an invisible cloud of salt particles, which enormously helps in reducing histamine issues and thus leads to holistic healing.

Along with the advantages for respiratory disease patients, the therapy also ensures immediate relief from yellowish cough-causing mucus along with eliminating the roots of sneezing breathlessness. The salt involved assures the strengthening of the immune system. The therapy was confirmed as a natural cure for respiratory-related diseases. Medical practitioners and health experts around the globe have confirmed and agreed on the fact that salt therapy is the only natural remedy for a breathing treatment.

The feel of holistic healing evidently improves your behavior, reduces stress levels, provides more energy. There is no place for anxiety and depression after salt therapy. Our clients reported that they felt a huge improvement in their lifestyles after taking sessions in our salt rooms. The teams of spa experts are always there to help you in overcoming your muscle tiredness. The client further told me that the therapy helps them to sleep better, and there was huge stress relief in daily activities.


Saltscapes & Spa have the most serene, and placid salt rooms for getting both inner and outer peace. The services include salt therapy and range up to every type of massage. The packages are quite phenomenal and economical so that you can boost your holistic health with us.

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