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Salt Therapy Treatment for Pneumonia


Pneumonia is a virulent respiratory disease that sources inflammation (swelling) in either the partial or entire respiratory system, and it produces yellowish pus in air sacs, causes difficulty while breathing. Oral intake of hazardous substances may cause pneumonia. Older and young ones are more vulnerable as their immune systems are not strong enough. Symptoms differ on the severity of pneumonia, although some common symptoms are high body temperature (fever), body shivering, longed phlegm-causing cough, breathlessness, and nausea.

Although, pneumonia is commonly categorized into two types — Lobar pneumonia and Bronchial pneumonia. Lobar pneumonia usually infects only a single side of the lungs whereas bronchial pneumonia affects the working of both lungs. Every year, millions of people suffer from this disease and it causes the death of nearly 4 million. Pneumonia can be treated using several drugs but salt therapy is the only natural healing treatment for it.  

Salt therapy is considered a natural cure for a plethora of breathing diseases like pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Salt therapy is scientifically termed halotherapy. Apart from treating curing respiratory diseases, the therapy works as a stress reliever overall improving holistic health. The therapy helps greatly in treating the patients without putting their natural health in danger. The noticeable advantages are given below:

→ Instantaneous pain relief.

→ Elimination of chronic cough.

→ Natural cleaning of air tubes.

→ Therapeutic mental health.

→ Lessens the hypersensitivity of the immune system.

The process of salt therapy is quite easy and begins from the diffusing of salt into invisible negatively-charged particles, which is responsible for dehydration of pathogens, which stops it from further spreading. Breath shortness can be very stressful; however, these negative particles eliminate mucus, or pus clearing airways, and resulting in immediate stress relief.


Consequently, the particles are ionized from salt, which contains the essential minerals our body needs. These minerals are responsible for eliminating allergens, and significantly reducing the inflammation of the air tubes. Many people are inclined towards the therapy due to its natural healing of salt, which allows the patients to feel more energy and sleep better at night. 


Salt therapy has long been accepted as a breathing treatment. Health experts advise patients to get salt therapy sessions for both physical and mental health. Hundreds of people have already got the therapy knowing about its innumerable advantages for skin, and for holistic healing — Now it’s your time for a natural cure.

The majority of our clients prefer having ten sessions, and the results were pleasing for them. The common symptoms start to disappear even after three sessions. However, a minimum of 30 sessions would be helpful and required for exterminating the disease.



Saltscapes & Spa is becoming a famous name in the field of salt therapy. Because we provide a calming and soothing environment for our beloved customers. The company makes sure that the superiority of quality remains the same. A great number of people visit us, improves their physical and holistic health altogether.

Additionally, we deliver spa services such as oil massage. After having a session at our salt cave & spa, you will feel more energy, fewer stress levels, and decreased depression which helps in keeping you motivated to face future challenges. Again, Saltscapes & Spa have no competitors in the market in terms of service quality and affordable packages.

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