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Please Note ~ We have the right to end your session and ask you to leave without a refund if the following etiquette standards are not obeyed. 

1. Salt Cave Attire:  Wear comfortable clothing to guarantee a relaxing session.  Many people like wearing shorts and a tank top in the salt room to expose the skin and allow the salt that you do not inhale to land on the skin for that added benefits. For safety and health reasons, BRING A PAIR OF CLEAN WHITE SOCKS. Children also must wear white socks. White socks are available for purchase upon request. No shoes are allowed in our salt cave. Additionally, we ask guest to refrain from wearing perfumes and fragrances as a courtesy to other guest who may have an allergy or sensitivity to smell.  During mid summer to early fall it may be appropriate to wear a light sweater if you are prone to cold. The salt cave maintains a temperature of 70F and 40- 50% humidity. 

2. Arrive 15 Minutes Early:  It is important to arrive early to check in and to prepare for your Halotherapy Session. All sessions start promptly. Once the door is closed and the meditation has begun we will not disturb session for late admittance. You will be able to join a later session depending on availability. If sessions are full, we will be happy to reschedule your visit.  


3. Shhh... This Session Involves a Quiet Environment: Cell phones and all other electronic devises are to be turned off and are not allowed in the salt cave.  We want to maintain courtesy and respect for those who want to enjoy the quietness during the Halotherapy Sessions, as most guest sleep or meditate during this time. 

4. Essential Oils, Perfume and Fragrance: Please no strong after shave, deodorant, or body odor. Refrain from wearing scented cosmetics and perfume. Essential oils must be applied before entering the salt cave and left outside with your belongings. Please use mildly as other guest may be sensitive to the aromas. 

5. Smokers: No Smoking in the building. If you are a smoker please be courteous and make sure your wearing fresh clothes and use mint mouth wash, etc. right before the Halotherapy Session so you do not disturb other guest with the odor of nicotine.  

6. Food & Drinks: No food or drinks allowed in salt cave. No mints, candy, or chewing gum may be in your mouth upon entering therapy as these present a choking hazard if you were to fall asleep or enter into a deep state of meditation.

7. Snoring.... Yes It Happens:  It is so easy to relax and zen out into deep sleep while listening to calming, peaceful music along with breathing in the goodness of the environment.  If your neighbor falls asleep and starts snoring please be kind and gendly rub their shoulder so all may enjoy the salt cave session. Here at Saltscapes & Spa we strongly discourage throwing salt, name calling, chair tipping and joking around. Let's respect others at all times and honor thy neighbor as thyself. 

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