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Salt Therapy Treatment for Sinusitis


Sinusitis is a condition of inflammation or swelling of sinuses. It is a sinus infection in which the lining of the sinus gets swollen. Then it gets filled with fluid because of the blockage. It is a viral infection that improves within two or three weeks. Sinusitis may occur after a respiratory tract infection such as a cold. If you are a patient of sinusitis you may have a persistent cold and the following symptoms:

→ Yellow or green discharge from the nose.

→ The nose gets blocked.

→ Having pain in the eye, cheeks, and forehead.

→ Headache and toothache.

→ High temperature.

→ Loss of sense of smell.

→ Having bad breath.

→ Swelling of the nose lining.

→ Cold or illness transferred by others.

→ Smoke in the environment.

→ Drinking from the bottle while lying back (particularly in children).

In children, sinusitis becomes irritating even more, and difficult in feeding. They will have a stuffy cold. Sinusitis has different types according to the period. These types include acute sinusitis, subacute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis, or recurrent sinusitis. Acute sinusitis lasts 2-4 weeks. Subacute sinusitis lasts for 4 to 12 weeks. But chronic sinusitis lasts for 12 or more than 12 weeks. If it happens several times a year then it is recurrent sinusitis. The symptoms of acute sinusitis include facial pain, a weak sense of smell, a stuffy nose, and cough, fever, etc. In chronic sinusitis, the symptoms are pus in the nasal cavity, fever, runny nose, congestion, and nasal blockage.

Sinusitis is caused by a cold or flu virus that spreads from the upper airways to the sinuses. In a few cases, sinuses get infected by bacteria. However, sometimes a tooth infection or fungal infection can be the cause of sinusitis. The causes of sinusitis are not clear but it is related to allergies, smoking, nasal polyps and a weak immune system, etc. Sinusitis is affecting your natural health and you might be searching for one of the best natural cures for it.

Salt therapy also known as halotherapy is a natural healing way and alternative to other medications. In this therapy, salt is used for the treatment of allergies, diseases, sleep aid, stress, anxiety, and many other problems. Moreover, it is a breathing treatment and stress reliever that gives you more energy, better sleep, relaxation, or stress relief. Halotherapy is the holistic healing way that involves breathing in salt air during the sessions.

Salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. During salt therapy, when the salt is inhaled, it dilutes mucus and becomes less sticky. So, it gets easier to remove. Salt particles stimulate the body’s cilia movement. Cilia help our sinuses clear the dirt and mucus. Taking halotherapy results in cleared blockages and fewer bacteria infections, which brings relief to sinuses from the painful pressures.


You enjoy your life when you are completely in your holistic health. Having salt therapy sessions at Saltscapes & Spa will improve your health and your way of life. Clients who took regular sessions of halotherapy were quite happy with the results. They felt energetic and pain-free. People having symptoms of sinusitis must take salt therapy sessions to get rid of the painful pressures in the sinuses.

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