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Magnetic Resonance Therapy



What is the Magnesphere?

The Magnesphere is pretty simple. It is a chair with two gigantic rings on either side. These rings immerse your body in low frequency electromagnetic fields. The varying frequencies of the fields help put your body in a much more relaxed state, dampening any stresses your body may be under. By doing this, the Magnesphere is helping your body transition from the “fight or flight” response of your nervous system, to a more restful, parasympathetic response which in turn helps you get into a more relaxed state.

Who is the Magnesphere for?

Do you lift weights? What about cardio? Are you an athlete? Do you have trouble relaxing or calming yourself down? Do you find yourself getting anxious or stressed out? What about getting tired in the middle of the day? Do you have problems falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you suffer from chronic headaches or chronic fatigue? If you answered yes to ANY of those, then the Magnesphere is most definitely for you!

Magnesphere Treatments?

Magnesphere treatments vary due to the specific issue at hand, and recognizing the benefits of treatment can take time depending on what is being treated.  The Magnesphere system is a whole body immersion system that utilizes very precise, extremely low level electromagnetic fields (EMF) to "enhance feelings of relaxation." This technology involves no drugs, no surgery, and no pain.

Magnesphere relaxation sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long. They do not require anesthesia or sedation, so customers can remain awake, but they may be so relaxed they end up napping during the session. Three to six initial sessions are suggested in the first two weeks and follow up schedules are developed based upon the customer's response.

Relaxation is important in that it can positively impact the symptoms of the chronic stress and anxiety that is part of our modern lives. This may lead to improvement in many areas of health and wellness, such as tension, stiffness, pain, sleep, digestion, and energy levels. Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine whether our Relaxation Device may be appropriate for you.

Normally, a working protocol can be created quickly. Smaller issues, such as a headache or inflammation of the knee, can respond quicker than more severe conditions. If you in fact have a condition that we have not had much experience in treating, or is a chronic disease, or lifestyle choice issue, it may take longer to see any benefits of treatment; between 15-30 sessions. To maintain the benefits you acquire, follow up sessions may be needed to maintain what you have recognized.

As a customer, it is imperative to do the following:

  • Keep your appointments! Keeping consistency between your sessions will result in seeing faster benefits, and make the benefits last longer. Missed appointments mean more sessions in the long run to get and keep the results you hoped for

  • Manage Stress: Create a routine that involves doing something different to help manage daily stresses. Yoga, Meditation, and other relaxing techniques will help to improve your health and mindset.

  • Exercise: Regular exercise will give you more energy and help you live a longer healthier life! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what shape you are in, or your physical ability. Every little bit counts.

  • Eat Well: Eating healthier will make you feel and look better! Cutting out the sugar, excess alcohol, and processed foods from your diet will make for a better, healthier, happier, you!

  • Hydrate: One of the more important, and most commonly forgotten, way to better health is hydration. It is the principal element of the body, and your life literally depends on it! There are no real rules to go by when it comes to drinking it, but it is important to have a few glasses a day in addition to that morning coffee!

DISCLAIMER: The Magnesphere™ is intended to enhance feelings of relaxation, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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