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Himalayan Salt Mines In Pakistan ⛰️ Home of The Salt Cave Materials That Decorate It!

Have you ever wondered where the materials for salt caves come from? This article not only

gives you an inside look at where the Himalayan salt comes from but it also gives you an idea

for your next travel adventures...

Himalayan Salt is one of nature’s effective and purest gifts. This miracle salt name came from the Himalayan mountains in Asian continents. When you talk about finding something special and interesting Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan is one of the places you shouldn’t miss.

Witness the incredible experience of Himalayan salt🧂

The importance of Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan:⛰️

Pakistan is blessed with many natural wonders and in the country, it has so many natural resources than any other country in this Asia region.

Besides all these natural resources Pakistan has the blessing of God and it is the world’s second-largest salt mine known as KHEWRA salt mine that can produce 97% pure salt. This salt is popular in the world by the brand name ‘’The Himalayan pink salt’’.

The salt mine from KHEWRA is considered very unique and portrayed as one of the most expensive salts in the world, due to its amazing benefits, it can be utilized in aerated water bath treatments, specialty foods, and even for home decoration.

It has also become an important part of various countries where Pakistan sells this salt to UAE, Korea, Canada, the US, Spain, Somalia, and India as well.

How many Himalayan salt mines are in Pakistan?

Pakistan is the home to the world’s biggest salt reserves that can be found in District Jhelum of the Punjab province.

Located between Islamabad and Lahore are KHEWRA salt mines and it is the second-largest in the world and famous for tourist attraction as well.

These mines are considered the oldest salt mining in the history of the sub-continent with 98% purity. The KHEWRA mines are located around 150 kilometers south of Islamabad at foothills of the salt range to the North of the Jhelum city called PIND DADAN Khan.

Pakistan exports 15.095624 metric tons of Himalayan salt yearly and makes sure it is available in international markets as well.

On one salt mine in Pakistan is enough to produce such huge numbers of Himalayan salt that is nothing short but astonishing.

Apart from producing the Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan, it is also a perfect tourist destination for foreigners to come and see the spectacular imagery of the mine.

How to get to the KHEWRA salt mines.

The mine is located in the salt range that is the outer range of the Himalayas. It is situated in PIND DADAN Khan Tehsil of Jhelum. It is about 25 Kilometers off the Lilla road.

The mines are not only visited by locals but also international tourists, vloggers, and bloggers who come here as well.

Walk 🚶‍♂️ inside the marvels of salt mines

The Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan are a surprisingly amazing experience. You have never seen such beautiful monuments made from salt before.

There is currently no public transport going into the mines so the only way to get there is to either hire a private car or by going through a private travel agency, as they can arrange transportation and guides.

What you can expect in KHEWRA salt mines?

As a tourist, you may have seen wonderful places in the world, but KHEWRA salt mines are unique because of the dazzling palace of mirrors, walls made with transparent salt, water ponds illuminated with colorful bulbs.

It’s like watching a Christmas tree designed with pink salt in mines. Among the tourists, students from schools, colleges, and universities can come and enjoy the site and see mines firsthand.

To get inside KHEWRA mines you can take a free train that leaves on random intervals or it is possible to walk that takes only 20 minutes.

Once you are inside you can walk in a circular route on the left-hand side of the tunnel. You will be able to see brick made from red, pink, and white Himalayan rock salt.

There are 18 levels of the mine and the tourist area is on the 6th level. This mix of salts can appear at any level as you walk.

What type of things you will get to see in Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan?

If you are someone who takes on adventure challenges and goes on vacations then checking out KHEWRA salt mines is a must.

You can walk inside the mines and you will come across plenty of marvels from a colorful building, CHAGHI mountain, mosque, and many more all made up of salt bricks. All the monuments glow with lights inside them.

The air in the salt mine is said to be good for health and there is a salt clinic inside it for those visitors who have asthma or other respiratory illness.

Is it safe to visit KHEWRA salt mines?

Those who visit KHEWRA sale mine and spend 8 days can improve breathing ability. There is also a small shop inside the mine selling salt laps to improves air quality in rooms.

These salt lamps come in different shapes and sizes you can buy and decorate in your rooms. You can enjoy beautiful glowing structures made from salt and the best spot in mines is Crystal palace that looks spectacular with salt crystals sparkling with diamonds around it.

KHEWRA salt mines itinerary includes:

When was the last time you’ve seen something made from salt? I think it is safe to say that Pakistan has been blessed with Himalayan salt mine and people all over the world come here to see it is from up close. Here are itinerary you can expect such as,

  • Entry charges, camping

  • First aid, medical kit

  • Tour guides who are certified to handle the situations

  • Food and drinks

  • Transfers

  • Professional tour guides and hosts

Closing words:

The KHEWRA salt mines make a perfect day trip with beautiful scenery and it is a top thing to do in Pakistan.

To create an exciting experience for travelers who comes to admire Himalayan salt mines in Pakistan there is no other place on earth like KHEWRA and worth a visit for anyone interested in learning about the Himalayan salt and rich traditions that surround it.

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