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Himalayan Salt Lamp Pink Pyramid is mined deep underground from the Himalayan mountains.

Four Sided Pyramid Shape Himalayan Salt Lamp generates a relaxing warm soft glow to any room.

Perfect for Office, Yoga Studio, Day Spa, Mediation Space or anywhere your heart desires. The lit bulb warms the salt and produces refreshing and air cleaning negative ions that also protect against EMFs.


Each salt lamp comes with an attractive rosewood base, an UL approved cords SPT-2 with fixture and the switch that can take up to 75W and a standard candelabra based bulb. (Replacement bulbs can be purchased anywhere in the US.) 

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp Pyramid Large

SKU: SL-200
  • Gross Weight: 7.00lb . Length: 6 " . Width: 6 " . Height: 8.5 "

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